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High Quality Xianghualing Flourite Cube Specimen

High Quality Xianghualing Flourite Cube Specimen

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Discover the unmatched purity of our Pristine Xianghualing Fluorite Cube Specimen, a highlight from the esteemed mines of Xianghualing. This crystal-clear fluorite specimen captivates with its almost colorless clarity, distinguished by a mere hint of faint green, visible only under certain light. The natural etchings across its surfaces add depth and intrigue, showcasing the mineral's natural beauty and complexity.


  • Origin: Sourced from the celebrated Xianghualing region, known for its exceptional fluorite.
  • Exceptional Clarity: This specimen stands out for its remarkable transparency, embodying the purity of fluorite.
  • Faint Green Hue: A subtle touch of green adds an ethereal quality to its nearly colorless form.
  • Natural Etchings: Delicate etchings adorn its surfaces, a testament to its journey through time.
  • Sophisticated Aesthetic: With its clean lines and minimalist beauty, this specimen is a study in elegance.


  • Decorative Versatility: Its crystal-clear appearance and understated elegance make it a versatile addition to any decor, adding a touch of sophistication.
  • Collector’s Delight: A prized addition for any collector, this specimen's near-perfect clarity and subtle hue are rare finds.
  • Ambiance Enhancer: Known for its calming energy, this fluorite specimen can create a serene atmosphere, perfect for spaces dedicated to relaxation or contemplation.

Care Instructions:

  • Careful Handling: To preserve its pristine condition, handle with care and avoid dropping.
  • Simple Cleaning: Use a soft, dry cloth for cleaning to maintain its luster and clarity.
  • Considerate Display: Keep away from direct sunlight and harsh chemicals to protect its delicate features.

Invite the serene beauty of our Pristine Xianghualing Fluorite Cube Specimen into your home or collection. Its unparalleled clarity and understated color palette make it a standout piece that encapsulates the tranquil essence of the natural world. Shop now to own a slice of pure tranquility.

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